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Rowdy Raccoon and the Turtle Who Wanted to Fly

150x_RowdySteve has recorded and produced the companion audio this delightful children’s story by Donna C. Braymer. Raccoons weren’t meant to fly, but you can’t convince Rowdy of that. When he meets Scissor, the incomparable Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher, Rowdy is left to wonder why raccoons weren’t created to be special, too. The loveable critter enlists the help of his friend Tommy Turtle and hatches a dangerous plan to become more like the bird. But when disaster strikes, Rowdy discovers his own unique gifts. Appropriate for ages 4-8. Remember, when ordering the bundled version, please provide us with an email address so we can send you a link to the audio download.

“The excellent storytelling by Steve Cook and the accompanying sound effects bring the story to life.”
~ The Old Schoolhouse (Full Review)

Audio Sample
“Tommy’s Tumble”

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Paperback – $12.95

Paperback/Audio Bundle – $13.95

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