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Witness The Bible: Mark

WTB_Mark_1600xWitness The Bible: Mark is the second installment in Steve Cook’s Scripture-only audio drama Bible study series. Along with the other two volumes in the series, WTB: Genesis to Jesus and WTB: Joseph and Judah, it is a recommended audio devotional resource by Bible Gateway and explores the life of Christ from Creation to Calvary’s Cross. Witness The Bible: Mark is over 75 minutes of dramatized Scripture by award-winning and critically acclaimed actor/ sound designer Steve Cook. It features all the realistic sound effects, cinematic music and wonderful characterizations you’ve come to expect from Steve Cook. Plus, the download version contains many extra Bible study tools, including a 15-Lesson study guide, mnemonic songs, videos, pdfs and coloring pages.
We hope you enjoy Witness The Bible: Mark.

Audio Samples
“Jesus Drives Out A Demon” (Mark 1)
“Jesus Feeds The 5000″ (Mark 6)
“The Crucifixion” (Mark 15)


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