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Do you long for better intimacy with God?
...how about a better witness for God?
...or better protection under God?

Memo Devo - ebook
(as featured on Bible Gateway)

Steve Cook

**VIDEO: John Piper on the Value of Scripture Memorization**

"The children see Jesus through Steve."
- Rosalyn Johnston, 1st & 2nd Grade Discipleship Coordinator, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

"From the moment I met Steve his incredible giftings were quite evident.
A master of character voices, his servant's heart shines through in every situation."
- Frank Montenegro, Voice of Dr. Kendall Park, Creationworks' 'Jonathan Park' series

"Steve Cook is one of the top voice actors in the world.
His God-given talent brings words right off the pages and into the hearts of his listeners."
— Brandon Vallorani, CEO of Tolle Lege Press (Publisher, 1599 Geneva Audio Bible)

"Steve is gifted in ways most actors are not.
And to know that he is using his talents to glorify the Word and the Lord are inspiring to me."
- Brad Sherrill, Actor, The Gospel of John

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